Be disciples that make disciples


Turn the world right side up

Acts 17:6

We at Calvary Chapel Running Springs desire to fulfill Christ’s great commission to “preach the gospel, and make disciples”. This can only happen to its fullest extent if each individual member of the body of Christ takes their personal responsibility to seek Jesus daily seriously. Jesus told us to make disciples, not converts. Therefore, we have a biblical obligation to not just intellectually believe in Jesus Christ, but to relationally put our trust in Him, and purpose to both follow Him and surrender to Him. It all starts with our personal relationship with Jesus. As we seek Him with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength we will find a deep rooted desire to share His love with others. This desire is expressed in two ways: sharing the truth of the gospel with our lips, and our lives; and intentionally training others in what it means to truly follow Jesus. When we purpose to preach the gospel and make disciples we will see the world around us radically change from the inside out. “Turning the world right side up” happens with one conversation, and one action at at time. We pray that you would join us as we do our best to advance the kingdom of heaven on earth.